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Dead simple static blog generator written in Scala with minimum dependencies.

Uses GitHub API to render as HTML posts written in GitHub-flavored Markdown syntax.

Should be used together with the Github Markdown CSS (a copy is included both in the provided seed and in the src/test/scala/scalatictest/source folder)


  1. Create your blog folder structure

    NOTE: one can use the seed (or the src/main/test/scala/scalatictest folder) as a starting point.

    The blog folder structure can reside anywhere on your machine and needs to look like this:

    blog            -> root folder of your blog; can have any name you want
      |_ new        -> any markdown source files that should be (re)rendered to HTML
      |_ source     -> contains any files that are not blog posts (e.g. html, css, js)
        |_ posts    -> all markdown source files that have already been rendered to HTML
      |_ target     -> this is where your generated blog will be saved

    Only the new and source folders need to be manually created - the source/posts and target folders are created automatically if they don't exist.

    Also, it is required that header.html and footer.html files exist in the source folder.

    Any other files (folders are ignored) present in the source folder are considered "static" files and will be copied without any transformation to the target folder.

  2. Clone the Scalatic repo and run with

    sbt "run /path/to/your/blog"


    Download the latest Scalatic release as a single jar and run with

    java -jar scalatic-0.1.0 /path/to/your/blog